Since 1994, MW Investment Advisor (MWIA) has been delivering investment advisory services to individuals and institutional clients. Her clients’ trust is earned by her unwavering commitment to do only what is in her clients’ best interests. Her collaborative methods in portfolio construction allow clients to feel confident with the investment process.

If you have moved, changed jobs, or recently retired you probably have investment assets in need of attention. Working with an experienced, individual investor will secure your future. Getting organized and informed is often our first step together, and it is just the beginning. You will likely have many questions, and Mary welcomes you to call. MW investment Advisor is defined by a process that begins with client understanding and continues with targeted investing.

MW Investment Advisor is a Registered Investment Advisor in The State of Oregon and will complete any necessary licensing requirements in any other states where it provides investment advisory services. MWIA fee-only approach assures objective advice that all investors deserve.


Mary M. Wuilloud is an investment advisor representative of MWIA and has served investors since 1994. Early in her professional career, she gained experience in the healthcare industry which has contributed to her belief in a holistic approach to investing. She designs and implements a comprehensive investment plan only after a full assessment of a client’s financial life. After completing a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business, she launched her financial advisement career in London, UK.

Mary returned to the Northwest where she raised her family. She and her husband Thierry have four children, with whom they enjoy skiing, sailing and traveling. Mary has also completed more than 40 marathons in the USA and Europe. She contributes her time to various non-profit boards and steering committees.

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Mary believes in long-term investing. She develops and manages core portfolios for her clients based on customized asset allocations as determined by clients’ personal circumstances. Core portfolios consist of diversified companies across industries. Equities are chosen based upon attractive valuations within their industry peer group and favorable prospects for future growth. When investing in debt securities, Mary considers only investment grade bonds, unless the client requests and has an advanced understanding of risks with non-investment grade bonds.

Mary’s investment success and high integrity reputation has resulted in long-standing relationships. She welcomes your interest.



MW Investment Advisor clients are a part of a small group, who receive comprehensive and personalized investment advice. Our process has evolved through personal experience and industry understanding.


MW Investment Advisor clients are a part of a small group, who receive comprehensive and personalized investment advice. Our process has evolved through personal experience and industry understanding.

  1. Assess your personal circumstances, objectives and goals
  2. Establish the optimal asset allocation
  3. Define your maximized investment strategy and timeline
  4. Implement strategy with clear understanding of process and goals
  5. Evaluate investment portfolio performance

The MW Investment process is personal, and you will notice that Mary is able to dedicate valuable time to understanding your personal circumstances, short-term and long-term financial and investment objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance, investment knowledge and asset base. Her recommendations come only after she has reached this important step of fully understanding all these aspects. Clients never feel left out; Mary believes that educated investors are successful investors. MW Investment Advisor portfolios are managed based on overall performance. Your strategy is evaluated regularly and adjusted as needed.


  • Wealth Management – Investment planning, implementation and monitoring
  • Estate Planning – Mary adds value to your wealth and estate transfer preparation through collaboration with estate lawyers and CPA’s.
  • Asset Allocation – Risk management through diversification across industries and asset classes


  • Equities
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Managed Stock Portfolios
  • Taxable and non-taxable bonds
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Money Market
  • Cash



Mary M. Wuilloud, Investment Officer

MW Investment Advisor, RIA
205 E Harmon Ave Suite 1007
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