The MW Investment Process

MW Investment Advisor clients are a part of a small group, who receive comprehensive and personalized investment advice. Our process has evolved through personal experience and industry understanding.

MW Investment five step approach:
• Assess your personal circumstances, objectives and goals
• Establish the optimal asset allocation
• Define your maximized investment strategy and timeline
• Implement strategy with clear understanding of process and goals
• Evaluate investment portfolio performance
The MW Investment process is personal, and you will notice. Mary is able to dedicate valuable time to understanding your personal circumstances, short-term and long-term financial and investment objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance, investment knowledge and asset base.  Her recommendations come only after she has reached this important step. Clients never feel left out; Mary believes that educated investors are successful investors. MW Investment Advisor portfolios are managed based on overall performance. Your strategy is evaluated regularly and adjusted as needed. 

MW Investment Advisor Services:

• Wealth Management – Investment planning, implementation and monitoring
• Estate Planning – Mary adds value to your wealth and estate transfer preparation through collaboration with estate lawyers and CPA’s.
• Asset Allocation – Risk management through diversification across industries and asset classes

MW Investment Tools:

• Equities
• Exchange Traded Funds
• Mutual Funds
• Managed Stock Portfolios
• Taxable and non-taxable bonds
• Certificates of Deposit
• Money Market
• Cash