MW Investment Advisor

Mary M. Wuilloud has been an investment consultant since 1989 and has served Northwest investors since 1994.  Her educational and professional background provides an overall approach to investing.  Early in her professional career, she gained experience in the healthcare industry.  After completing a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University in 1988, she launched her financial advisement career in London, UK.

Mary returned to the Northwest in 1991 and started raising a family.  She has been married for 20 years to Thierry Wuilloud, who is also an investment portfolio manager for a privately owned capital management company in Portland, Oregon.  They have four children, with whom they enjoy skiing, sailing and traveling.

Investment philosophy:

Mary believes in long-term investing.  She develops and manages core portfolios for her clients based on customized asset allocations as determined by clients’ personal circumstances. Core portfolios consist of diversified companies across industries.  Equities are chosen based upon attractive valuations within their industry peer group and favorable prospects for future growth.  When investing in debt securities, Mary considers only investment grade bonds, unless the client requests and has an advanced understanding of risks with non-investment grade bonds. 
Mary’s investment success and high integrity reputation has resulted in long-standing relationships.  She welcomes your interest.